Alberta Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requires us, as responsible employers, to have systems in place to protect the health and safety of our employees.

At 8-Ball Paving, we have designed a contemporary and up-to-date online learning tool that is a requirement for all workers to complete on an annual basis to ensure they stay certified with all OH&S safety regulations. It is imperative that any worker, whether an 8-Ball Paving employee or subcontractor, who is entering one of our worksites, is fully trained and certified in health and safety processes and procedures prior to commencing work, in order to protect themselves, and others, from injury.

This course will train you on topics such as:

- Managements commitment to health and safety
- Workers health and safety responsibilities in the workplace
- Safe work practices and procedures
- Inspection process
- Hazard assessment and control procedures
- Investigations
- Health and safety meetings
- Emergency response plan
- Legislation

No person will be allowed access on any of 8-Ball Paving's work sites without completing the specific training that is available online through this site.