How to access online course – new member

If this is your first time accessing this online learning system, please follow these directions!

You will need a membership to the website in order to view all available safety courses. This membership has no expiry and will remain active while employed at 8-Ball Paving.

Click on SAFETY MEMBERSHIP located on the top menu.
Scroll down the screen until you see ONLINE MEMBERSHIP. Press ENROLL.
(please note, the course does NOT cost $120.00 – there is a coupon code that will be given to you. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS MEMBERSHIP!!
On the left side of the screen, you will need to enter all your information to set up your account.
On the right side of the screen (it may be located below the billing information on smartphones, so scroll down) – you will see ORDER SUMMARY. Click “CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE”. This is the area to enter your coupon code that you were given.
Once you press apply code, the box will show you the code has been applied to your order and the membership fee has now been waved. Click BUY NOW.
You have now activated your membership for 8-Ball Paving’s safety courses! From here, you will see a list of all available courses for you to take as they become available. To take a course, click anywhere in the grey box under the picture to start!